The Secret Land

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Fashion series for Madame Magazine: staging CGI backgrounds
Photography, Production, Conception, Layouts and Postproduction by Ilan Hamra
CGI by Albert Bauer Studios, Technical Director: Marco Bauriedel
CGI Supervision/Art Direction: Ilan Hamra
Postproduction support: Nicole Andres

The complete fashion series consisted of 11 motifs and was presented in solo exhibitions in Hamburg and Munich.
For the concept of the series, I developed a unique design language and specific material properties. The mystic spaces open and transform in unexpected ways, dynamically supporting the poses and directions of movement of the models, thereby becoming an integral part of the staging.

I meticulously created each layout in Photoshop before the execution was carried out in detail. CGI renderings have only recently achieved such a high degree of realism, which is why I revised many textures at that time using personally taken photographs. Additionally, I captured complete images of the sky and the cathedral's dome ceiling to enhance the realism.

Models: Lena Melcher, Martina Kudelowa
Make-up: Heiko Palach
Hair: Susan Voss-Redfern

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